Takata: a few weeks, and they start the covering


For the layman it is obvious that there is where we have the structure bearing pillars, and where only the stone indicate,and where the preparatory ground work shows the exact places of all the buildings at the Miskolc-Takata factory area.

The buildings of the future energy center are ready mostly. Within a few weeks of the structure will be ready, and then come the walls, the design of the facade and the interior trade construction works. This will be the heart of the plant, as it will benefit from it all with hot water, compressed air, mechanical systems, and electrical current. Near the ground, however, still work going on, the last hall, known as the foundation inflator building prepared - and then manufactured in the air bag gas generating structure. If the energy center of the heart, the air bag production hall of the body itself with its 200 meters by 150 times, and the associated test hall and warehouse ready library. - The great hall is now in its structure building ready and the main pillars have arrived at the first main runner as well. This is another gratifying milestone, a milestone for us as it were – said Vargay Balazs, the Takata Safety Systems Hungary Kft construction engineer.

The weather now is not really conducive to builders, since the ground is already wet area, but that did not prevent up to somewhat slow down your work - deadlines, however, in no way be affected, says the construction engineer. The Takata-factory workmanship is currently making a total of more than a hundred working six days a week, 12 hours a day.

In addition, the task is not only to build the different halls. They began the utility building, and installing a temporary vacuum-well system is already working, you will be required until the drainage system to be installed below the water table. The site has crawled away from pyrotechnics in the manufacture of storage, the bunker is built. If it will be ready, will be completely under the earth, but now shows dense concrete reinforcement, yet it also includes 25 hectares of land purchased by Takata in the South Industrial Park.