Soon "grow out of the ground" the halls of Takata


Thousands, it is necessary to provide a firm foundation piles already in the ground, and this week the first pillars of the Miskolc Takata plant has arrived to the construction. There are more than fifty workers working in this project in the South Industrial Park, but the time will soon come when it will be raised to hundreds.

Sixty thousand square meters of massive concrete is already built into the Takata factory, due to the soil structure.

– Thousands of about six-foot concrete piles is already in the ground, and still continue to work, at the most intensive air bag manufacturer hall. The foundation of the energy center is mostly done, there has been prepared by the insertion of the pillars frame holder. The first few pillars have been received, which for us was great and joyful moments – for inquiry said Vargay Balazs, the Takata Safety Systems Hungary Kft construction engineer.

That also means that we will soon reach the most spectacular stage of the construction, when the halls start to grow out of the ground. - Thirteen building, but it really is system related. The features could be the most determined to have two production halls, and more, serving building with the technology. And of course you need office buildings, warehouses as well. The airbag manufacturer halls should be among the first set because the production lines also need set up a time-and for the consuming tasks. In October, they plan to start the production line - spoke about the work schedule by construction engineer.

Therefore it is very intense, quite specifically, and we keep working. Now, even the machines will play the larger task, by serving them and with staff who’s working in the field. However, the installation of reinforced concrete reaches is in the stage of construction, which are needed many skilled people so that the current workforce of about 60 people will be multiplied within weeks, for hundreds.

If the factory will be built, with 800 employees will work along the conveyor belts, and approximately 200 engineers and other senior employees will be employed the Japanese investor. Production is expected to start in October.