Miskolc Southern Industrial Park

The 93.5 hectares area with the address “Industrial Park” lies on the southern border of Miskolc, next to the access road to the M30 highway. The area is continuous, flat and easily accessible and lies between the Budapest—Miskolc main railway line and national main road no 3, near to the Auchan hypermarket and other commercial facilities. The eastern border of the area is the Budapest—Miskolc railway line, the western border is the Hejő creek and the commercial zone.

Miskolc is a regional railways hub where hourly InterCity trains ensure comfortable connection to the country capital and to other major cities of the country.

Several airports are in the near

  • Miskolc Sport Airport – suitable for landing with small aircraft and helicopters, 10 km
  • Kosice international airport, 84 km
  • Debrecen airport, 86 km
  • Budapest – Liszt Ferenc Airport, 200 km

Beyond strategic location and modern infrastructure we provide such complex business services tailorable to the needs of individual companies that provide a firm background to the stable operation of the companies and to the realisation of their concepts.

Az ipari park elhelyezkedése Miskolc területén belülThe area is typically suitable for industrial, energy production and settlement management sites and for commercial and service buildings.

By virtue of the Miskolc Building and Construction Regulations (MBCR), significant transportation and site developments are foreseen in the neighbourhood of this real estate enhancing the favourable position of the area.

The area has been already withdrawn from cultivation and has been prepared for commencement greenfield development.

In case of investment intentions, it is possible to create and separate business plots in desired sizes and meeting needs. There is no functional restriction for the area, either commercial or service or industrial facilities may be established as well.