Miskolc is the largest city in Northern Hungary and is the county capital of Borsod-Abaúj-Zemplén. As the most populous city of the largest county of the Northern Hungary Region, it has a central role in the public administration and in the economic and cultural life of the region.


Economic centre

Due to its size and location, Miskolc has a decisive role in the regional economy. Heavy industry had been the predominant sector in the city as from the 1960s, but its role and significance has been shrinking since the 1990s.

Besides many local businesses, several multinational companies has settled to Miskolc in the recent years, providing numerous jobs and employment opportunities for the inhabitants of the city and of the neighbourhood.

There is a continuous investment interest towards Miskolc, and the necessary infrastructural and labour market conditions are met for the settling down of new investors.

Education – adequate workforce 

As a county capital, Miskolc has a prominent role in the field of education. Excellent workforce is trained in the local secondary education institutions (trade schools, secondary vocational schools, secondary grammar schools). The University of Miskolc has been functioning in the city since 1949. Launched as Technical University of Heavy Industry with 3 faculties, this academic institute has today nearly 10.000 students studying on 8 faculties. University Town (Egyetemváros) is the largest academic complex of the region. Strong cooperation among the University and the Municipality of Miskolc and the local businesses – with particular regard to the co-operation agreements in the field of dual education system – is a good example and continuously improves the supply of highly qualified professionals.

Why Miskolc?

Miskolc has exceptionally favourable conditions even within Hungary, wherefore it is an ideal investment location. Besides the favourable location of the city in terms of logistics, and the newly established infrastructure – adequate supplier background has emerged in the region.

“The investment promotion measures of Miskolc are excellent examples”: Miskolc got the Investor Friendly Location Certificate for the third time in 2016, after fulfilling the training programme of the Hungarian Investment Promotion Agency (HIPA).

Natural conditions

The city was built on the eastern side of the Bükk Mountains, in the valley of the Szinva, Hejő and Sajó Creeks; at the meeting point of different natural and economic landscapes. Miskolc carries important values for the locals and its visitors, in terms of culture, history and sport as well.

“There is such a huge vitality in this city that even if the tiniest opportunity becomes reachable to her, vast energies shall start to work” – as Móricz, Zsigmond described the city of Miskolc.

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