Facilities realised during the infrastructure improvement in the industrial park during the year of 2014

  • Express road connection of the industrial park was realised through building of a roundabout junction on the main road no. 304 connecting the M30 highway and the Pesti Road.
  • The northern branch of the roundabout junction is connected to the bridge over the Hejő creek, which bridge shall ensure the road access to the industrial area.
  • Gas energy supply for the development needs is ensured and provided from the medium pressure gas pipeline already running along the northern border of the area.
  • In order to ensure water supply to the industrial area, a new pipeline section with the size of DN 200 and D 315 was built between the potable water pipes in the Bogáncs Street and at the TOYOTA salon along the main road no. 304.
  • In order to canalise communal wastewater into the public utility network, a sewage pumping station and a pressure pipe was installed.
  • Rainwater is canalised through the DN 1200 sized gravity sewer and pumping station under construction into the Hejő Creek running at the southern border of the area.
  • It is possible to fulfil electricity demands through installation of a transformation station connected to the 35 kV and 120 kV electric line running along Bogáncs Street and the Budapest—Miskolc railway track.