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Miskolc Déli Ipari Park

Miskolc Déli Ipari Park


Miskolc South Industrial Park

The 93.5-hectare Miskolc South Industrial Park, owned by Miskolc Holding Plc., is an easily accessible industrial area, located next to the access road to the M30 motorway and the Budapest-Miskolc railway main line.

It is located at the intersection of the central transport corridors of Central Europe, a few hours' drive from the regional centers of the region (Budapest, Debrecen, Kosice, Bratislava, Uzhhorod) and from international airports.

The park also has an outstanding public transport system thanks to the public transportation system that is adaptable to the needs of investors.

The area won the title of industrial park in 2009, in which several international and domestic companies have found home today. In 2014, the Miskolc South Industrial Park was awarded the title of “Investor-Friendly Industrial Park of the Year”.

Miskolc South Industrial Park is expanding

The basic objective of the development of the Miskolc Southern Industrial Park is to create and develop an industrial park with basic infrastructure and good transport connections, as well as orderly ownership conditions, which is essential for the installation of economic recovery investments.

We plan the developments in line with the expected investor needs, which will contribute to the establishment of new companies and businesses, as well as the expansion of local businesses.

With the 120-hectare greenfield development project connected to the Miskolc South Industrial Park, an asphalt-paved road with a sidewalk, bicycle road, roundabout and public lighting was built. The drinking water supply and sewage disposal have been solved, as well as the construction of the rainwater channel, and stormwater storage has been completed. The entire basic infrastructure is available in the new industrial area, and geothermal energy is also available to investors as an environmentally friendly and smart urban development policy of Miskolc.

The developments were implemented within the framework of the TOP-6.1.1-15 and TOP-6.1.1.-16 projects with 100% support, with the contribution of the European Union and the Hungarian State, co-financed by the European Regional Development Fund. The amount of support for the projects is HUF 1.5 billion in the case of the TOP-6.1.1-15 project, and HUF 1.977 billion in the framework of the TOP-6.1.1.-16 project.