Welcome to Miskolc Southern Industrial Park!

The 93.5 hectares area  lies on the southern border of Miskolc, next to the access road to the M30 highway. The area is easily accessible and lies between the Budapest—Miskolc main railway line and national main road no 3, near to the Auchan hypermarket and other commercial facilities.

The area was awarded the title “Industrial Park” in 2009 and managed to sustain continuous development despite the unfavourable impacts of the economic crisis. As from the initial developments, it had achieved by 2013 that a foreign investor chose this location for the biggest domestic greenfield investment.

Miskolc Holding Plc. was a winning tenderer in 2012 and was awarded a non-refundable assistance of 460.000.000 HUF within the framework of the tender “Development of business infrastructure and investment environment – assistance to industrial parks, industrial areas and incubator houses” of the New Széchenyi Plan Northern Hungary Operational Programme (NHOP) 1.1.1/A and C-11.

The tender aims at infrastructural development of the Miskolc Southern Industrial Park (MSIP), its fundamental purpose is to raise the infrastructural coverage of the Industrial Park area to a level which makes the area attractive to the competitive businesses that intend to settle down here.

Basic infrastructure (road and bridge construction, water supply, rainwater and sewage canalisation, enabling electric and gas supply) shall be provided to the 62.5 hectares area inside the MSIP as part of the project.

Main goals of the project shall be implemented with this: development and utilisation of the available industrial area, creation of new jobs through settling down new companies and businesses, implementation of value-creating and income-generating investments.