Investment incentives

We shall adjust the services of the Miskolc Southern Industrial Park to the already existing and future arriving businesses, encouraging our existing partners to implement further investments and our future investors to implement new ones. Our goal is to provide and ensure such an operational background that will assist our partners in making their business activities even more cost-effective and efficient.

We assist the operational activities of the businesses moving in to the Park through our creation and establishment of partnerships with local service providers which may satisfy almost every need of the businesses moving into the Industrial Park. Were it for bookkeeping, taxation issues, marketing, IT or designing-engineering-construction tasks – we can propose companies and experts with the relevant competences.

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Other industrial economic zone (Ge)

According to Section 8(3) of the Miskolc Building and Construction Regulations, which was adopted by Regulation 21/2004. (VII.6.) of the Municipality of Miskolc City with County Rights, it is in a zone falling within the territorial category of “other industrial economic zone”, Ge–611808.

The area is suitable for the construction of industrial, energy production and settlement management sites and of commercial and service buildings.

Provisions applicable for the zone area

  • 6        mixed architectural character
  • 1        not established construction zone
  • 1        alone standing – site construction form
  • 8        smallest separable plot size: 2.500 square-metres
  • 0        highest level of site coverage allowed: 50%
  • 8        permitted building height: 35.0 m

Green space indicator for the real estate: 25%

Utilisation of the industrial park area

Total area 93,55 ha
Usable area 92,64 ha
Settled area 23,39 ha
Usable free area 69,25 ha

Total area: Gross area (including areas not to be sold) under the title “Ipari Park” (Industrial Park), as listed, provided by topographical numbers and summarised on the title deed summary.

Usable area: Net area that may be determined by deduction of areas not to be sold (roads and public spaces) from the total area, and which then may be marketed (selling or letting) or is already marketed (sold or let) to businesses, including the area of businesses that had operated in the industrial park even before the title “Industrial Park” was awarded, regardless of the fact whether there is a factually operating business in the area or not.

Settled area: Part of the usable area on which business operates or has been already utilised (sold or let), regardless of the fact whether the business has already started operations of investment.

Usable free area: Usable free area (that may be sold or let) may be determined by deduction of the already settled area (2) from the (net) usable area (3).

The investment promotion measures of Miskolc are excellent examples

Miskolc got the Investor Friendly Location Certificate for the third time in 2016, after fulfilling the training programme of the Hungarian Investment Promotion Agency (HIPA).